samedi 1 juin 2013

So Many Elvis Impersonator Acts To Choose From

By Jacqueline McFadden

Of all the celebrities that are impersonated, there is nobody that is impersonated more than Elvis Presley. The king of rock and roll is thought by many to be the greatest entertainer and singer of all time. When there is a need for an Elvis impersonator, it will never be difficult to find one.

With these impersonators so numerous, a name has even been created for them. ETAs, also known as Elvis tribute artists, is a name given to those who make their living off of doing impersonations of the king. Some of the guys are so great at what they do that some people will swear that it is really Presley. Due to such good acts, many people in the past have claimed to have seen the real life king, even though he has past many years ago.

Impersonators will usually choose one person to impersonate. If they do more than one celebrity, they will usually specialize in one. Presley is by far the number one choice that most want to do. He is so popular that there are even some radio stations that dedicate their whole air time to the king of rock and roll. All they do is talk about him and give fans interest facts that they may want to know. The music that they play will also only be music that the king made.

Each impersonator has their own unique traits that differentiates them from others. There are some who like to be the king of the 1950s, some do the 1960s king and others prefer to be the 1970s Presley. Some of these guys are so great at what they do that their voice while talking and singing sound just like the real Presley.

There are some Presley impersonators who cannot sing at all. Because of this, they concentrate on their looks more than anything else. The stylish costumes, wigs and other accessories are used to make these look-a-likes look identical to the king of rock and roll.

Others have a different problem. They can sing and talk just like the legendary artist, but they cannot look like him. Those who can look like, talk, sing, dance, play instruments and shake their hips just as the king did are by far the best Presley acts. There is nothing that can beat a combination act.

Not all impersonators are professionals and may just do it for fun. Lots of times, amateurs will enter into a Presley contest to win some kind of prize. These contest are very fun as there are so many different kinds of Presleys at these events. You will be able to see Presleys from all ethnic backgrounds and body types. You will find European, African, Hispanic and Asian Elvis's. You will find Presleys that are skinny, heavy set, midgets, old men and even little kid impersonators. A king of rock and roll impersonator contest is one of the most entertaining events that a person can ever watch.

There has never been a singer to reach some a fan base as the king did. You will find fans from every generation listening to his music. If you are ever having an event and need an Elvis impersonator, there will be no shortage of auditions. Most will be so good that it will be a real dilemma choosing amongst them.

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