jeudi 13 juin 2013

Are Digital Cameras In Danger From Smartphones?

By Mike Thompson

It seems as if everyone you meet these days has a smartphone. Whether their preference is for a model manufactured by Apple or the increasingly popular Android based phones most consumers are taking full advantage of the cameras that are now standard with most models.

Nevertheless, most of these users are also happy owners of digital cameras, such as the Canon t3i. Is this a surprising fact? After all, smartphones are often used to conveniently take pictures to be posted online on social media sites like Facebook with fairly decent quality.

Although it is true that smartphones have advanced quite far from a technological point of view, many users continue to find ways to make use of the original digital camera. Excellent quality smartphones can take reasonable photos but it is without a doubt that the price of these smartphones can easily exceed of that of a compact digital camera, that by the way can take substantially better photos.

There are also a multitude of different compact digital cameras that are specifically manufactured for certain environments. A perfect example is those holidaymakers who will be spending time at a beach resort.

If you intend on swimming underwear, would you prefer to use a smartphone or a waterproof digital camera to take photos? It is obvious that the digital camera trumps the smartphone in this regard. The risk of misplacing one's smartphone carries a large price, since they often hold a huge amount of valuable and invaluable data, and so it is definitely better to be safe than sorry.

A very strong and sturdy digital camera should be able to be fairly shock and damage resistant and should be able to survive tourist trips, long travels and lots of sudden movement. Dropping a digital camera onto the ground might result in some marks and a few scratches but compare that to dropping a smartphone on the ground. A broken screen won't be the only thing you should be concerned about here.

There is also the simple matter of pixels. For those who really on crisp photography to make a living the cameras that are integrated into almost every smartphone are just not up to the job. Architects, surveyors and even realtors need the crispness that is supplied by those extra pixels in even value for money digital compact cameras.

Ultimately, whether you choose a smartphone or a digital camera is really up to you. Even though smartphones can take digital photos within acceptable limits, the cost for you to replace it is very high. A decent digital camera can be afforded with a smaller price tag as well as spreading the risk of valuable data loss.

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