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Are You Looking for Bounce House Rentals in Dallas-Ft Worth? Contact the Best Party Rental Company in Town

By Marc Alexander

Bounce Houses, bouncy castles, bouncers, moonwalks and jumpers are all the same thing. They are large inflatable games for children to jump in/on. They are placed on site, blown up, and then the children bounce around and have loads of fun. They come in different shapes and sizes with varying motifs. Kids of all ages love them. If the bounce house is large enough, the play doesn't have to be limited to just children! The question though, is how do you find the BEST bounce houses for rent in DFW?

Well, if your answer is yes, you need to call Texas Entertainment Group for the best Bounce House rentals in town. With fully insured units and a service network that serves the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, Texas Entertainment Group will gladly provide all your party needs and requirements.

Texas Entertainment Group takes the safety of your children vary seriously. All Bounces Houses are throughly inspected, cleaned, and disinfected, before and after each use. Nothing is left to chance. In addition all Bounce Houses are required to have an attendant on site during their operation. This is to ensure your children have a safe, fun time.

Whether your venue is indoors or outdoors, bounce houses can still be installed despite the location. There are, however, certain specifications that need to be taken into account. Since most bounce houses have a height of about 20 x 20 feet and needs a five-foot space as allowance, the location should be huge enough to accommodate. The ceiling must also be high enough. In this case, a gymnasium or auditorium is ideal for as long as the surface is flat and even.

Texas Entertainment Group delivers, installs and sets up the bounce houses and at the same time, it disassembles and removes the bounce houses with ease. For outdoor set-up, there should be enough space for the delivery truck to move around. When done indoors, it is a must do, to have double doors or just huge ones for the bounce house to load and unload.

Texas Entertainment Group has so many bounce houses in store for you. The Tropical Bounce House with Palm Trees makes parties, exceptional. Kids will surely have a grand time!

The 3-N-1 Bounce/Slide Combo is something that is also highly exhilarating. This Bounce House has a wide area for the kids to bounce, an area for climbing for kids to reckon with and a smooth slide. For a themed bounce house, the Brave Knight Bounce House gives the touch of bravery and royalty. With a castle-like appearance, the kids can play with the best of their imagination. They can portray to be brave knight of valor rescuing fair maidens while fighting with dragons.

For a space-themed bounce house, the Rocket Bounce House has two rockets at each corner. Kids will definitely have fun trying to play Luke Sky walker fighting with Darth Vader. On the other hand, the Farm Bounce House has colorful and cuddly animal characters. The possibilities are limitless. One can feed the horses and chickens or perhaps, the kids can disguise to be farmers or cattle raisers.

There are many other Bounce Houses to choose from. All are safe and worry free fun for your kids. Texas Entertainment Group also has many fun things for the adults to do while the kids are having fun bouncing. Carnival items, obstacle, courses, virtual games, and a whole lot more. Fun for the entire family in a safe, worry free environment.

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