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Getting To Know The History Of Some Yellow Turbans

By Margarita Joseph

It is normal for a lot of individuals who experiment on many fashion accessories that they can find although some of them can be old fashioned. You can cite a few examples and one of which are head pieces. They are popularly known as yellow turbans and they have existed for many years and used by many kinds kind of people.

According to fashion experts, these head pieces have long been appreciated by people of the past. It is known to be a head and hair accessory that can add a spunk to your daily look. However, they were also used in a different way in the past as compared to their benefits these days.

It can be good if you are somehow aware about the history of this piece for you to appreciate them more. For people who are not aware, the turban was originally made in Asia. It was something that help protect the skin and face of the residents of countries that are hot. Moreover, it can also be something that they wore for religious purposes.

They make sure that once they wear one, the forehead is going to be exposed, This is to allow them bow their heads in times of worship and prayer giving. They can also come in several colors, fabrics, designs and shapes. The latter can be different depending on many things.

These factors are composed of religion, occasion, class and education. An example would be the pink turban worn by girls. Pink symbolizes renewal and also spring. If the woman marries a man, she needs to wear the pink turban during the ceremony in Northern India. The ones in black and white symbolizes mourning over a death.

Records in history can claim that the accessories started to be popular in the middle of the 18th and 19th century. By that time, there were many traders from India who traveled to the West. Marie Antoinette was the one responsible for starting the trend of having a turban in both France and in England.

Thousands of years have passed and the head accessories started to become less well known. However, a designer named Paul Poiret was able to revive the accessory in the 20th century. He was able to create something that is more attractive and the turban automatically became a staple luxury piece.

Additionally, a lot of people wore them as they attended elite and socialite parties. Actresses also took advantage of them as they shot their movies. There is no doubt that the transition of such item has really sky rocketed from the past. It is indeed the all time favorite of a lot of women around the world.

At present, many women would love to buy them despite the fact that they show something that looks old school. There are numerous designs of yellow turbans that they may pick from. Besides the ones that were mentioned, they can possible experiment on several wrapping styles. Some can also pick those who are considered more modern.

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