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A Review Of The Monuments Men Book

By Marissa Velazquez

The novel, The Monuments Men Book may be described as one of the greatest treasure hunt production of all time. This novel, written against the backdrop of World War II has a captivating storyline that outlines the plot by the German dictator, Adolf Hitler to rid Europe and in the process the Western World, of its culture and history. All literature and reading fanatics just have to find time to experience this awesome story.

The plot outlines in detail the plan by Adolf Hitler to take over the western world with the help of his armies. The soldiers were under strict orders to comb through museums all over Europe in a bid to collect all forms of art that did not sit well with Hitler. In his view, some of these art objects were degenerate and thus needed to be destroyed.

Hitler had created a catalogue containing a god number of art pieces that he thought were offensive enough to be destroyed. He also set a time limit within which this goal was to be achieved and sent his armies to do the actual deed. Meanwhile, he was pursuing his campaign of conquering the western world.

The plot of the novel thickens when a Special Forces unit that constituted certain American and British curators, art historians and museum directors is formed. These people came together with the goal of rescuing the art objects earmarked for destruction from the Nazis. This group went by the same name that forms the title of the novel.

Men and women who formed this team had to be motivated by immense bravery and a great love of art. This alone is what would have seen them through hardships that characterized the entire mission. Their act of courage has to be admired as not everyone would have the guts to pursue such a dangerous campaign all for the sake of a few inanimate objects.

The challenges that the units faced in their quest were quite numerous and things became even tougher since this mission was to be accomplished within an II month period. This time limit made every occurrence even more intense. One other detail that you have to note is that a movie, going by the same name, has been produced starring a good number of excellent actors and actresses.

You may have heard certain persons saying that there is no greater pleasure than that experienced when reading a captivating novel. This may seem a little over the top, especially to non-readers, but to reading fanatics, this is the actual reality. Unlike movies, the actual scripts are normally full of details and emotions that may not always be captured by visual productions. This alone could be taken as a motivation to buy a copy of this great piece of work.

The above is a brief review of what The Monuments Men Book is all about. Having this in mind would give one an idea of what to expect from the movie of the novel itself. In order to get the feel and nature of events first hand however, it would be a must to read the novel itself.

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