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Choose Only The Best Bar Mitzvah Entertainment In Kansas City

By Fiona McCarthy

Planning a bar mitzvah in Kansas City is easy to do if you obtain entertainment products from Creative Carnivals and Events. Kansas City activities that are common at bar mitzvahs include midway games, entertainers such as clowns and face painters, sports and water play.

Customers can choose between standard or upgraded midway games. The standard games include the following:

Airplane Landing

Bash The Can

Basketball Shoot

Bottle Up

Car Racing

Chicken Soup

Drop the Top

The games listed are definitely perfect for just about any child's age who are attending the Bar Mitzvah. Aside from these, there should also be games and surprises for the smaller children like the bean bag toss and the duck pond. Most of the upgraded games are also appropriate for those gracing the Bar Mitzvah occasion including:

Skeeball (inflatable version)

Football Challenge

Monster Hoops

Spin Art

Most customers would want to bring home prizes so choosing to rent an inflatable booth for prize redemption is such a perfect idea! This can make the guests stay on until the party finishes and help build-up fun and excitement. Entertainers are also a welcome treat which would include the following:

Balloon Artists

Caricature Artists


Fire Eaters



Mime Artists



Living Statues

Adults also want to have fun so there are many choices for them, too like having fortune tellers, henna tattoo artists, handwriting analysts and hypnotists. Making certain everyone has a great time and no oe goes home early can be achieved when asking the help of a party rental company.

Of course, no party is complete without those munchies to keep guests from getting hungry. Customers get to choose to rent a popcorn or snow machine as well as a cotton candy machine or perhaps a frozen drink machine. If there is a need for a catering service, there is also one made available.

Of course you can make things a little more exciting by offering the Mechanical Bull to your guests. Mechanical Bull Rentals in Kansas City have become extremely popular. The mechanical bull offered by CC&E is safe and comes with a trained operator, offering the guests' hours of enjoyment.

If you want everyone to take memories home, consider renting a digi pix or a CC&E photo booth!

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