jeudi 23 janvier 2014

How To Check If The Traveling Pastor Has An Attitude Problem

By Judy Sullivan

Just because an individual is branded with the title of a traveling pastor does not mean that he or she is a nice person. There are those people who have attitude problems. Working with them might be a huge pain. To know if the said priest has attitude problems, here are some of the things that the person might want to check.

The first thing to do is to know if the said priest is self-centered. There are lots of priests nowadays who are selfless but there are also those who only think about themselves. They do not care about other people's needs but they expect their needs to be attended to above anything else. It sometimes take precedence over that of the church's.

Just because the said professional works in a church does not mean that he or she is not prone to mistakes. The said professional really has an attitude problem if he or she does not show any signs of remorse when they make mistakes or when they are caught for their misdeeds. They will not even offer a heartfelt apology or ask for mercy for those things.

If they cannot ask for forgiveness, then the only thing they can do about the mistake when they are confronted about it is to blame it on other people. They will get the blame game going. In this high blaming behavior, they project their own faults into other people. They believe that the mistake is not theirs to own up to.

Being unreliable is not good for anyone working in a church. Achurch is the refuge of those who are weary. If people are weary, they need someone they can rely on. If the priest cannot give them the support they need, then they will collapse even further. A priest's undependable attitude is problematic.

A priest can make his or her own decision, being a grown up and all. However, those with an attitude problem usually cannot make a decision that does not have any bad consequence to other people. Even if they know of this, they do not care whatever happens to other people. They just pick the choice that is beneficial to them alone.

Pathological lying is also a trait of such professionals who have attitude problems. This means that they can lie if they consider this to be helpful to their image and if the lie will not be discovered. If the lie is discovered or followed up on, they will simply imply that the other person is wrong and that the lie was never said in the first place.

Rationalizing is not really a bad thing, unless someone uses it to twist conversations in order to gain at other people's expense. This is surely a problematic deal. If those who rationalize in a twisted way get trapped themselves, they end up taking continuously or changing subjects. They might even get angry.

There are many other signs that the person can check up on to see if the said traveling pastor has an attitude problem. If the person can do a good job at this, then he or she can easily avoid working with such professionals. It is better to be near a professional who is good-natured, after all.

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