dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Attending An Elvis Tribute San Francisco

By Cornelia White

Finding an Elvis tribute San Francisco is not difficult. He is one of the most famous and well known performers of all time and although he is no longer performing live he lives on in the thousands of people who impersonate him and attempt to match his talent. Nearly forty years after his death, he still has as many fans and followers as he did as a young entertainer.

He began singing as a child in the church he and his mother attended. His career as a rock and roll singer did not start until 1956 when he recorded Heartbreak Hotel for RCA. His success with that song and appearances on television with Jack Paar and Ed Sullivan made him a star. He sang in all arenas of music from ballads to rock-a-billy. His ability to cross over into all types of music gathered audiences from all age and social groups.

He started making movies shortly after his singing career began and two years later entered the military. When he returned from the Army he returned to movies and making sound tracks for them. After nearly seven years away he began doing personal appearances again on the live stage. Unfortunately, he died while on one of these tours in 1977. Three days after his passing the studio released a new song that became an instant hit.

Today there are many people who have copied his style of dance, dress and speech. A few can imitate his singing voice when performing some of his hit songs. Very few of these people can cover the full spectrum of his talent.

With so many professional impersonators in the city you can book the King for birthdays, weddings, graduation parties or any other event that you have a notion to host. Most will give an excellent performance that will please you and your guests. Unfortunately you will have to look for a much larger venue to find something that qualifies as a tribute to the King.

There have been several conferences in the city dedicated to the King and attended by thousands of people dressed like him. They may hold impromptu performances on the streets and in hotels where they are staying. These parties have a convention like atmosphere and everyone is encouraged to attend and join the fun. Although these are not necessarily formally held in honor of the King they do pay homage to his memory.

In September 2013 the Giants base ball team sponsored a game dedicated to his memory with all proceeds going to charity. During the game and prior to it the audience was treated to performances by some of the best impersonators available. The first twenty thousand attendees were given bobble-head dolls and posters depicting the event. The game was a sell out and many fans came dressed as The King.

This Giant's game proved to be a great success and is the most current Elvis tribute San Francisco. Everyone was a winner on that September 2013 night. The Giants won the game, the fans were wowed by the entertainment, gifts and prizes and the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation received thousands of well deserved dollars.

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