mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Bill De Blasio's Inaugural Chair, Gabrielle Fialkoff

By Amy White

When you think of Bill de Blasio and his industry of focus, the political world is obviously the first thing that comes to mind. Get this though - NYC's mayor also has firm ties to Gabrielle Fialkoff, a powerful jewelry magnate.

Due to this friendship, de Blasio trusted her to plan his entire inaugural event as he swore under oath to serve his city with the best of intentions. More information recently revealed about the event and its plans was provided in an interview.

As a mayor whose aim is to be a man of the people and cater to all groups, she created and chaired an event that was all-inclusive in the same regard. One that accurately reflects his vision for the future of the city.

All New York residents were given access to affordable tickets and had the opportunity to see the live City Hall inauguration in person if they were willing to brave the cold.

Four days later, another event took place at his Gracie Mansion home. This was a ticketed open house event that was available to all New York residents and over 7,000 of them ended up attending the sold out event.

You may be wondering why someone in fashion was given a political task. Gabrielle Fialkoff has a background in politics though. Having worked on three political campaigns with Mr. de Blasio dating back to 2001, she's been in the game for a while.

Fialkoff hasn't only worked with de Blasio though. She's also participated in campaign efforts for Hillary Clinton and other well known political figures. Eventually she made the move from politics to Haskell Jewels.

This was a great experience for Haskell's President and COO, as she had the opportunity to help a longtime friend plan a big event portraying a vision that she genuinely believes in.

If the media's coverage of the event was any indication of public sentiment, she did a terrific job all around.

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