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Mobile Wedding DJ Or Band?: Planning Questions For Brides And Grooms

By Marissa Velazquez

Getting engaged is a huge, exciting event in one's life, and the wedding is an even bigger event. In between, however, comes the planning. Putting a wedding together can be a fun, but it can also be very stressful. It presents many questions, such as whether to hire a wedding planner, how many people to invite, how to cater the event, who should be in the party, and whether to hire a band or a mobile wedding DJ.

Hire a wedding planner or plan the event yourself? There are a lot of things to consider when making this decision. If you have a large budget and plan on inviting a lot of people, it may make sense to hire someone to help out. However, if event planning is something you like to do, and you have the time to make the arrangements on your own, that might be the best decision. You could ask your friends to help, which could make the planning more fun.

How many guests should we have? If both people in the couple have large families, but the budget for the event is small, the guest list can be a source of stress. In this situation, many people find it best to have a small ceremony and reception, with a very limited number of guests. Another option is to invite many people to the ceremony itself, but fewer people to the reception.

What are the best locations for my reception and ceremony? This depends on a few things, such as whether you want to get married in a religious space or a secular space, the number of guests, and of course your budget. If you have a connection with a church, synagogue, or reception hall, you might be able to use the space for free or for a low cost. Another possibility is an in-home or outdoor ceremony and reception, which can work beautifully if you have a small number of guests.

What kind of food should I serve? Lots of couple choose to hire a professional catering service that provides a full meal or a buffet. If the budget does not allow for this, however, you could serve only cocktails and finger foods, or have a meal cooked by relatives or friends.

Who should stand up in the ceremony? This issue can cause a lot of dissension, especially when there is a large number of friends and relatives who expect to be included. If that is your situation, it might be best to have only a best man/maid of honor, rather than having to deal with people who are angry that they didn't make the cut.

Should I hire a band or a dj? This is another tough one. It depends on the type of music you envision, the set up of the venue, and of course, your budget. A full band is generally more expensive than a DJ, unless you know a band who would play for a low cost.

If you are friends with someone who plays in a band or who is a mobile wedding dj, you may be able to cut a deal regarding the music for your ceremony. Like most things, planning a wedding is harder and more stressful when it is left to the last minute. Make sure that you begin your planning as soon as possibler. This way, you can remember the process of planning the event as fondly as you remember the event itself.

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