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The Story Of Richard Overton

By Marissa Velazquez

It was during the first English civil war which took place at around 1599 that Richard Overton was born. He was from England and studied at Cambridge. In his early childhood, he did some acting and later when he joined the college of queen, he performed as playwright. He lived for about sixty five years but his life was quite fascinating.

He formed a party with three other members and they called themselves the levelers. This was a group formed with the aim of ending the monarchy which they felt was archaic. They were so much against it because they had their own views which they wanted heard. They felt that if their ideas were implemented, the world would be revolutionized. They wanted court trials to include the jury which was not the case. Censor ships had been placed on the media and all forms of printed material. Overton though went ahead to print pamphlets so as to push for the end of the monarchy.

Overton was a Christian but he felt the need to belong to a certain church but he was not quite decided on which one it would be. The pamphlets he had distributed contained details about how different churches held their spiritual affairs. Some of his articles also had some negative information about the Catholic Church and the Church of England. Apart from the articles, he also held debates about church reforms.

As he continued his search for the perfect church, he found himself attached and dedicated to the General Baptism church. He read the bible seriously because he really wanted to be very informed on matters concerning the church. His new church however taught things that were so different from what other churches taught.

Most churches taught that after death, the soul did not die along with the body but it just departed from the body. For Richard, this was not the case because he believed that both the body and soul died and only resurrected on judgment day. The church greatly disapproved of his views because they were the exact opposite of what they had been teaching to the congregation.

Richard felt that each person was equal to their neighbor and so he pushed for equality in the government. The government was keen and observed him closely so as to understand why he was always opposing many things so much. The articles he had published made him popular among his people and he was gaining followers. Due to this, the government was not very happy and this led to his arrest twice where he ended up in jail both times.

He avoided getting arrested again by fleeing to Flanders where he continued being liked because of his good personality. He treated his neighbors as equals since he was a man who had always been fighting for equality among all. He did not discriminate on anyone regardless of their personal background. This was a man who could be described as kind, gentle and generous.

Richard Overton was also a very bright student while in school and performed particularly very well in English and mathematics. They government may not have loved him but this did not stop the people around from loving him. He was a man who always made others laugh and even loved to read his own publications because he thought they were funny.

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