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How To Identify Authentic Antique Singing Bowls

By Harriett Crosby

Singing bowls are different from standard bells in that they are inverted at the top. They resemble a bowl because the opening is at the top. A mallet or a wand is usually rubbed against the inside of the bowl to produce sound. Originally, these bells were used by Buddhists during religious events. Nowadays, they are used in different parts of the world in meditation practices, alternate healthcare, relaxation as well as religious rites.

Historically, these bowls were used in spiritual events as an accomplishment. Their exact origin is not very clear. Some people insist that they were first used in meditation while others say they were used for spiritual transformation. There are no books that explain how these bells came to be but they are thought to have been around since the 8th century. They were made throughout Asia.

These bells produce a humming sound when they are rubbed using a wand. The wand which is also known as a striker is made of wood. It is then wrapped using leather or rubber. The bowls are made from different materials. They are made in different shapes and sizes. Today there are many varieties of these bells in the market. Some have been made recently while others are ancient.

Since these bells are valued for their historical value, sound and quality it is important that you know how to identify the genuine ones. You need to have enough knowledge to be able to identify something that is authentic. The only way the bells will be worth your money is if they are genuine.

You can use the appearance to tell whether a piece is original. The antique bells were made to be simple and plain. They contain very few designs and patterns. The decorations are very abstract and they have circles and lines. New pieces have designs that are complex. Some are made hard and rough in an effort to confuse customers. The original antiques were about 10 to 12 inches.

The material used can also tell you whether the bells are original or not. In the old times a bowl was made from 5 to 7 metals. This included precious metals such as iron, silver and gold. Most of the antiques have streaks or spots because the alloys were imperfectly mixed. Modern bells are made from one metal. This is usually brass or bronze because they are not very expensive.

Another parameter that should guide you to buying original antiques is the sound quality. Quality of sound from ancient antiques cannot be matched. This is because as the bowl gets older the sound quality increases. Classics antiques have a warm, rich and mellow sound. They have very strong harmonic overtones.

If a bowl was made recently the sound will be poor. It will be disharmonious and flat. You can use the above tips to identify old pieces that are worth your money. Genuine singing bowls are very expensive but their historical value and sound quality is worth every coin.

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