lundi 6 janvier 2014

People Know All About Blonde Pop Singers

By Harriett Crosby

Blonde pop singers are great people who really do good music whenever they are around. These individuals know how to hold any person's attention with their very good looks and smooth style. Sometimes they will do certain things to enrage the public but on other occasions they will merely entertain people. Madonna and Mr. Rod Stewart are two people who have grown with this business and they are quite successful.

England has always produced very talented people who had great looks and nice voices. Australia is another place that has even greater looking actors and musical people. Samantha Fox amazed American audiences with her erotic look during the 1980's. Kylie Minogue is one Australian lovely who has very beautiful eyes. These two ladies made quite a mark on young people everywhere.

The very brazen Lady Gaga has just arrived on the scene in the last five years but she has taken America by surprise. She is quite flamboyant and wears clothing that will shock any conservative person. Lady Gaga believes that all individuals should be treated equally and she loves everyone the same.

There is a woman named Samantha Fox who started her career by taking off her top. She exposed her very lovely breasts to everyone living within the London area. Later on this same girl dared to write a controversial song called "Touch Me" which became an instant hit. Nowadays Ms. Fox has a girlfriend that she is very happy with even though this makes all the men very sad.

Kylie Minogue was always a good sweet singer who was not very bold with her lyrics when she first arrived on the scene in the 1980's. "I Should Be So Lucky" was a very big dance hit in America and everywhere else. People felt that she had an elegant style that would last for many decades.

Madonna started her career very boldly and she never stopped being outrageous as time went on. This star would always find a way to shock her audience but people still loved her style. She even did a controversial video called "Justify My Love" which showed her making out with a woman and a man. She went on television to defend herself after this video and her sex book came out.

Any person who is over the age of forty has always loved the music of Mr. Rod Stewart. This very talented English bloke made men and women very excited whenever he appeared on stage. He has a sexuality that never quits and all of his managers and agents realize this unique quality. The recording "If You Think I'm Sexy" was a huge hit for him. He has always been quite virile and has now married a younger woman.

Blonde pop singers have always been around for many years and sometimes they have great talent that never ends. Currently people have also come to know the great Britney Spears who seems to always have something terrific going on. There are so many other golden haired artists around the world who will always amaze people.

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