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Information On Vintage Saxophones And Their History

By Marissa Velazquez

Quality and playability are two most important factors which determine the status of vintage saxophones. You have to bear in mind that all old saxophones do not necessarily qualify as prime instruments.

What qualifies the age of an instrument? Well, for one it is the brand which produced it and the other is the production itself. If the instrument is used by a great musician then naturally its value increases manifolds. Again, if its production was for a short duration, then it becomes hard to get and thereby its value does get increased and its popularity too increases. The playability is another issue associated with these instruments. Those instruments that were produced during 1930s and 40s had a high pitch. So these are unsuitable to be played in today's music world. These become unfit as they are not in tune with modern day musical instruments.

These instruments get old and become a rarity they become high in demand and their price gets increased. As these are out of production these days it is difficult for a collector to collect one and the price also sometimes become prohibitive. If these are played by famous musicians the price become phenomenal during auctions.

So how can you tell how old is a particular instrument. The serial number which is printed on the instrument can give you a fairly good idea when this particular piece was manufactured and by whom. The age is important here as its adds value to the instrument and also can give us an idea about its history.

Conn is labeled as the best American instrument that you can get. These are high in demand among collectors and musicians of this instrument. You can still see its popularity when you see musicians holding one and even today instruments makers try to make instruments like it. Popular models include Chu Berry and the Conqueror series.

Selmer is one brand which many buyers believe to be the most popular brand to make these instruments. The instruments made by this manufacturer are quite expensive and are available online. The manufacturer is quite famous because it has been in the business for nearly 80 years.

Gus Buescher was the maker of the brand called Buescher. Though it was very much like the Conn instruments still these were quite popular because of the sound quality. And because of this it was liked by the musicians. Aristocrat and Tru-Tone were its most in demand models.

The quality musical instruments manufactured by H. N. White Company were under the brand name King. The most popular models were the King Zephyr and Super 20 models. The sound quality was very good and that was the reason it added to the popularity. Super 20 series were produced after the Zephyr series and were superior in mechanism.

Some vintage saxophones were discussed. The music lovers all over the world look for such quality instruments which were manufactured during early 1900s. Some are world famous and others are lesser known version but, as far as quality and sound are concerned these are no less and the owner can be proud of their sound and quality.

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