lundi 13 janvier 2014

Understanding The Denis Wick Mouthpieces

By Marissa Velazquez

Denis Wick mouthpieces enjoy great international loyalty from many experts of music due to many attractive attributes about them. The mouthpieces came about due to the efforts of Denis himself after years of study and careful observations. Denis himself was a renowned virtuoso trombonist besides being a brass teacher and a professor. He served as the principal trombone for thirty years at the London Symphony Orchestra.

Each individual article is produced and perfected under his management. The commodities made under him include both contemporary and traditional ideas, a fact that puts them ahead of this brand of commodities in all aspects. During the production of his very first commodities, he solicited the advice of the best British players of brass. Since the initial production, subsequent releases have seen great enrichments in their features and production process. Each article is tested before release for perfection in the tone quality and intonation.

There are numerous diverse styles of mouthpieces made by Denis wick. The key ones include American classic, paxman, heritage, heavy, Ultra, and classic. The classic mouthpieces are of the original designs. They are intended to give clarity, centered, and precise sound that is simple to control. They are capable of adding richer upper overtone and more brilliance than most other versions. They are simple to play and have a rich tune which is very flexible and responsive.

Classic mouthpiece comes in two major plates, silver or gold. It covers the complete spectrum of brass gadgets from BBb tuba to soprano cornet. Addition of a booster can allow it to produce a Heavy-Top effect. The heritage design is solely meant for strong players. It gives a fantastic projection and a rich sonority. Heritage can also be used with boosters and mainly come in gold or silver plates.

The heavy design mouthpiece base on the 19th Century models that had thin-walled cups placed closest to the rims. The contemporary CNC technology has further reduced the thickness of walls to 1.2 millimeters. The modern makes have heavier metal weight at the base of cups. This model produces a rich sound which has a scintillating upper over-tone structure. It has great responsiveness and simpler high register. The body and the cup come in gold and/or silver plating.

The Ultra versions are unique in multiple ways beginning with heavier external profiles. The cups are more round and interior edges are sharper in comparison to classic versions. They present a perfect instrument for a nice playing experience. They generate big rounded sound with well focused and deep projections. They have triple width of gold and chiefly come with Ultra logo etched within their body.

The American classic is a vintage style trumpet mouthpiece that uses a traditional bowl shaped exterior profile. The comfortable rims are available in different sizes. The rims are designed to allow maximum endurance without loss or reduction of agility. They come in either silver or gold plates.

Denis Wick mouthpieces can be accessed from various shops internationally. They are sold at reasonable costs separately. A piece could be fitted on any trumpet they can fit on in spite of the model.

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