mardi 28 janvier 2014

Find The Top Corporate Photography NYC Providers

By Grace Rivas

Corporate Photography NYC is so important to any business that wishes to improve or increase their sales or image. It has been said that it should be seen as an investment, the return of such an investment is in improved sales and better image. When you have better quality photos the higher the return on that investment will be.

Most company's these days have a website but have very poor quality photos available on these sites. These companies do not realise that these photos put them in such a bad light. A high quality photo makes the difference between a sale or a non-sale. Should you use an online shop, you will probably use one that has clear, informative, good quality photographs, because that way you know what you are getting.

If the photographs on the online shop are grainy, blurry, undefined or not well taken you would think twice about purchasing from such a shop. Most companies think that having an expense of a photographer for such a small part of their business is unnecessary and wasteful. But they couldn't be further from the truth. Your pictures are what sell your company, products or services.

To a customer there is a big difference between an awesome photo and a great photo it is the difference between where the customer is going to buy from. A lot of company's think that the cost of getting professional photographers in to do a shoot is an unnecessary expense but when looked at objectively you can see that in this case you need to spend money in order to make money.

Should you be having a corporate function it could be quite advantageous to hire a photographer to take good quality pictures for press releases or website applications or for internal brochures. If your company seeks to hire individuals out of colleges and at career fairs then a brochure that has high quality photographs in it are more likely to get you future employees.

And down the line if you have internal brochures or newsletters that have photos of your employees in it, it will add a sense of camaraderie and loyalty that should keep staff turnover to a minimum. These pictures can assist employees with a sense of family within a company. And loyal employees add to a company's bottom line.

Most people will see photographs and without realising it make an association between good and bad. They will make a decision not to buy something or do business with your company because of a photograph they have seen and are not even consciously aware of it. And the opposite is also true they will make a brand connection with the right photograph and that will forever be the connection they make with your company and never take their business elsewhere.

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is very true! But is that picture saying your company is too concerned with other things than having a good image. Or Is it saying that your company is the one that the customer wants to do business with. Let Corporate Photography NYC show you how to put your company on the map.

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