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Selecting Luau Entertainers For Parties

By Eugenia Dickerson

Picking an theme that is as equally fun as it is interesting is the first challenge to planning a spectacular party. There are hundred of great options but the Hawaiian experience is both a popular favorite and one that is easily adjusted to fit most any budget, location and guest dynamic. Hiring the appropriate style of luau entertainers is one way to make sure the celebration makes a memorable impact.

Location is going to have an impact on the types of performances that will be suitable for the party. Holding the celebration inside a home, restaurant or hotel is going to limit the span of options that will be suitable for confined spaces. Backyards, parks and beaches offer a lot of open area and expand the choices, allowing for more extravagant shows to be booked.

A Polynesian dance show can be done with a single performer, though the addition of extra dancers, live music and an emcee can make it more versatile and spectacular. The routine usually includes the traditional idea of hula dancing but it also features styles from multiple Pacific islands like Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand. Costume changes and props help create an even more authentic experience.

Most people automatically think of beautiful hula girls when the Hawaiian theme comes up, but Polynesian warrior dancers are just as interesting and exciting. These acts typically feature island men with large muscles, serious expressions, regional costumes and traditional tribal tattoos who command attention with their very appearance. They demonstrate several dances that were meant to inspire fearlessness, power, bravery, honor and strength as they were preparing for battle.

When space and budget allow, the spectacular show put on by fire-knife dancers is guaranteed to impress and excite guests of all ages. These routines are fast paced and filled with action as flaming knives are tossed and twirled in a frenzy. This makes an excellent choice for a grand finale though it is best performed at night and one should make sure it is done in an open space and that all necessary fire permits are obtained.

Normally used as an opening act for the fire-knives, or in place of them, the fire poi pots are always a big hit. This is inspired by a dance done by the Maori of New Zealand in which balls attached to the end of long braided cords are set aflame and then twirled at high speeds to create amazing swirls of light in the darkness. This routine should also be performed in an open area and the host should check to verify the necessity of permits.

One thing that really engages the audience is to get them involved in the actual performance. Performers could invite someone to join them on stage to learn a dance, play a drum, blow a conch shell or even try to twirl unlit poi balls. This provides them with a more memorable experience that will stick in their minds long after the party ends.

There are luau entertainers available to suit any size and type of party desired. With choices such as dancers, singers, musicians, and many others, there is a lot of versatility to be found in this area. Budget, location, guest demographic and local ordinances are all going to affect the number of viable options.

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