lundi 13 janvier 2014

The Human Mind And The Power Of Art

By Marissa Velazquez

Many people say that art is nourishment for the soul simply because it allows the mind to appreciate beauty that will transcend the regular conscious mind. What many do not know is that the positive effect art has on the human mind can also be backed up by modern science. Here is some information on the power of art on the human mind.

Of course there are so many different types of art forms just like visual images, music, or plays. A lot of researchers actually studied the significance of different arts subjects and the development of the human brain of students. They were able to discover that there actually is a very significant link between the two.

Even though many studies have shown that there is a significant link between arts subjects and brain development, many school actually still neglect the subjects related to the arts. Most school these days are more concerned with their students learning math subjects or science subjects because these are the ones tackled for college exams. It is for this reason that arts classes are usually dropped.

When a child is very young, he experiences pleasure in dabbling with activities such as drawing, singing, or dancing in order to express himself. To children, this is not a form of gaining knowledge but rather an outlet wherein they could express what they feel whether it be joy or sadness. In a sense, artistry is actually a natural instinct humans use in order to interact with one another.

One of the most common forms of art would actually be music wherein humans would automatically be able to appreciate even if they are young. Music is somehow able to spark a part of the mind that is known to trigger certain emotions and feelings in the head. Because of the surge of these feelings, the mind would automatically be able to create certain mental images related to the song being played.

Painting or visual art is another form that is very appealing to humans and may actually activate some critical thinking functions in the brain. Since visual things like pictures or paintings are a representation of how the artist sees the world, there is always a deeper meaning behind them even if the picture is abstract. The tendency of most people admiring these pieces is that they would most likely want to decipher the meaning behind it and therefore use a lot of critical thinking techniques.

Certain forms of physical activities also may fall under the arts category and are also beneficial to brain development. Exercise is actually known to be able to increase the amount of oxygen that the brain gets. This in turn would actually boost up the cognitive functions of a human being and thus making his brain move faster in a sense.

The power of art is really strong and may even influence the way the brain of a human develops. It is because of this reason that man has preserved its art forms and has made it a part of his culture throughout the years. It is because it is something of very high value and must be appreciated even by the younger generation.

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