mardi 7 janvier 2014

Choosing The Right Jazz Guitar Amp

By Eugenia Dickerson

Most people who play guitar want to get the most from their instrument. It is not just about the instrument but also the way in which the sound is presented to the listener. One way to get people listening in the right way is to find the right jazz guitar amp that is right for the sound you want to give people.

An amp or amplifier is designed to amplify sound. This is both in a technical sense and also in terms of the quality of the sound. This may be used alongside a separate speaker or the amplifier may included in a combo package that merges both the amplifier and the speaker together.

There is some debate as to whether or not to use a combi system. Some people prefer the sound that comes by keeping the two separate. However if you tour a lot and you do not have a lot of room for equipment then having a combi system can make it easier to keep things stored and save time while travelling.

Once you have established the kind you want you need to think about the level of customisation you want. Some people like a control panel with a number of options so that they can customise the sound as much as possible. However if you are just getting started then it is best to go with a simpler panel system that while it may offer few options for customisation it will be a bit more user friendly.

This is where digital technology has complicated things. Some devices have been set up that can digitally recreate different types of sound. The theory is that this digital sound can mimic the best quality brands, allowing you to adapt with other members of the band who may use a different brand of amplifier without having to change yours for something completely different.

Increasingly digital options are being included. For example it is now possible to have digital reverb and modelling. Digital modelling allows you to switch between the style of sounds of different famous brands. However there is some debate as to whether or not digital is the right option or whether it does not have a suitably natural sound to suit the music.

The best way to find this out is to try it yourself. Go to a music store and ask to try the amplifier. They should have a display model that you will be able to try. Ideally bring a friend with you who appreciates jazz as this will make it easier to get appropriate feedback. While a lot of passionate people will have their preferences it is ultimately about the option that works for you.

There are numerous places you can buy a jazz guitar amp from. It is worth looking online for feedback from other guitarists to find out the kind of amplifiers they use and why they use them. Checking product reviews and other sources of feedback will make it easier to find the right one to suit your needs.

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