jeudi 30 janvier 2014

Rewards Of Therapeutic Sound Project

By Marissa Velazquez

The body is stimulated by different sounds produced by man made objects and nature. The unique process of alternating tones to produce music activates neuronal connections in a way that enhances the performance of the ear, the brain and the entire auditory system. Scientists have been studying the process of sound transfer and how it can be used in therapy. The therapeutic sound project has yielded excellent results.

Audio therapists have reported excellent results from their experiments. This includes better integration of the brain. Therapy allows the brain to comfortably handle sounds of a higher frequency. The new sounds help the brain to establish new pathways which enhance its performance. The nervous system responds through improved performance just like the auditory system.

The popularity of audio therapy is driven by how easy it is to execute the sessions. It has minimal cost implications and is therefore affordable to the masses. Some of the beneficiaries include old folks who have lost their ability to hear due to age. Others are factory workers who have lost sensitivity because of the nature of their work. It is a reliable and long term solution for tinnitus which is characterized by ringing sounds in the ears.

Audio therapists have helped patients to find deep relaxation. This is important for patients who are depressed or suffering from anxiety. One experiences a new sense of well being and vitality after undergoing therapy. This new state of health heightens creativity and improves mental capacity. The patient will feel alive and healthy with a renewed sense of energy.

The energy boost that comes with sound therapy allows a person to better focus on any task. Improved focus has been linked with better performance at work and at a personal level. A relaxed and focused body results in better sleep. The sleep will be beneficial to the body and mind. The process has thus been credited with ending insomnia in a number of patients.

A healthy lifestyle requires balance at all times. Therapy has enable individuals to enjoy a balanced physical, mental and spiritual life. A person suffering from vertigo or dizziness can easily recover through therapy. Students can easily learn and concentrate on their studies as a result of sound therapy. They communicate better beyond managing long hours of concentration when the task is demanding. Concentration leads to higher yields in work environments while improved communication results in harmonious living.

Musicians and vocal artists stand to reap incredible benefits. Their vocal range is improved and they produce better quality sound. The client listens to particular sounds in a portable mini player at low volume. It can be done alongside normal activities or when you go to sleep. It is possible to hear other sounds or perform tasks like watching TV, have conversations, talking on the phone or simply sleeping.

Therapeutic sound project identified the benefits of alternating high and low tones in music and playing it for as long as ten continuous hours. The rewards include improved response to sound and better understanding. Areas where the sound waves pass respond through increased activity and better blood flow. The reward is a near permanent state of tranquility.

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