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A Guide On How To Get On A Reality TV Show

By Helga Stokes

Nowadays, people with distinct talent and who enjoy being in the limelight get on reality TV programs. Many producers are constant pursuit of fresh ideas from which to cast new shows. Also, others look for fresh participants to spruce up new seasons of already existing shows. Here is a simple guide explaining how to get on a reality TV show.

Think carefully before you start. Being in the limelight comes with a lot of exposure. This translates to increased visibility to family members, colleagues and neighbors. It takes a lot of strength to handle such publicity. Keep in mind that all your laundry will be aired for all to see throughout the entire show. As such, it may not be wise to apply if you're exceedingly shy or private.

There's also the set. Most shows are set on unnatural environments which are specifically set up for filming. Most of the content is also scripted. In most cases, participants are expected to give up most of their privacy. Don't expect any respite from fellow participants. Different challenges will be thrown at you without reprieve every day. If your stomach isn't made for this, do not apply.

Before applying, take some time to learn about the show. For new concepts, you'll have to carry out a bit of research on content that is of similar theme, audience and time slot. For pre-existing shows, look for previous seasons. This shouldn't be hard if you're a huge fan. However, you'll have to set aside most of your perceptions about the program.

Look for auditions and casting calls. There are various ways through which you could do this. Look at the website and see if they're calling for other contestants/participants. You could also call the station and ask for advice about upcoming opportunities. You could also look at sites which collate casting calls and auditions.

When applying, be careful and keep in mind that details matter. Any violations of the stipulated rules could render your application inadmissible. If you're asked to provide a photo, do it in the stipulated manner. Any references, portfolios and videos should also be attached in the manner that they are asked for.

To increase your likelihood of being considered, make your presentation as appealing as possible. Show something that will attract the interest of producers when auditioning and offering a pitch with the application. This will charm the attention of the casters. There are also other ways through which you could increase your visibility.

These include approaching the application process from a distinct outlook and providing what is commonly referred to as an "X-factor". You may also use an internet campaign that showcases your abilities through videos and images. However, you should adhere to the producer's requirements about the use of such channels. Any gimmicks could greatly diminish your credibility. Remember that there's a thin line between being bizarre and being outstanding. Avoid any distractions that could alter the producer's perception of you in your routine.

Seek to maintain a proper sense of realism when assessing your suitability for any show. Avoid auditioning for those which require you to display a different personality from who you really are. Make sure you possess the right attributes and qualifications. You may seek help on how to get on a reality TV show from previous participants.

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