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Skull Ring Fashion For Bikers, Rockstars, And Gangsters

By Timothy Brewster

You have not lived life if you haven't put on a skull ring before, especially if one is a biker, rock singer, or gangster. The old fashion school of thought, that anything remotely concerned is the cranium has something to do with witchcraft is eventually paving way to the novel style statement. The skull ring has over a period of time gained acceptance as a jewelry as much as it embodies the fear of uncertainty, darkness and a obvious reminder of our short lifespan, being a part of our sojourn in this world.

There are different reasons people would want to wear skull rings. It could be out of the feeling of trying out something new, following a star idol, superstition, one thinking that there are "cool",reasons to do with religion, or in showing off a fashion proclaimation.

Skull rings have distinction of being used in the German and British armed forces. The rationale behind this is not revealed. One could conclude that the skull would project a picture of malevolent, destruction to all who cross it, could be one of the reasons, the armies selected it to utilize it as an aspect of their uniforms.

Not only has it been shown in comic books, but has also being worn in real life amongst the much dreaded and cruel pirates of the Caribbean, best shown in a movie by Johnny Depp. It is also a biker's delight to don a ring that projects an image of the unliked and the cruel.

The skull ring of today has come of age for bikers. It is put on by and endorsed by maestro divas of the music world, Hollywood big wigs, rockers, and the list of wearers span far and wide. Why it put on by these people, is best answered by the wearer of the demon ring. It would for all we realize, be on the advice of a spiritual teacher, or for the mere choice of wearing the unique.

Plenty is the choice out there for skull rings to suit one's fantasy or dark desire. The most common and preferred being carved out of sterling silver, because it throws out the artistic carving and depiction of the actual skull, in a miniature version of it. There are cruell rings that have the most range of precious gems in the socket meant for the eyes; topaz, diamonds, garnets, sapphires. Even girls like these colored rings to be in opposite with their clothes.

Skull rings are available in a large number of online shops. One can place an order giving set requirements such as size, weight, how rough it is, metal etc., the purchaser can also have it delivered to any place of choice, and shipping fees may be extra or come as a freebie. You may find a cool bargain in the most unexpected Oriental store in a small tiny street tucked away from one's vision or you can get it at the most surprising treasure of a skull ring in a Sunday market, if you are fortunate.

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