mardi 20 août 2013

Getting To Know Bobby Mcintyre

By Helga Stokes

Bobby McIntyre is a musician and songwriter currently based from Spokane, Washington. This singer is very passionate about music. Aside from being just a singer, he also writes his own material and produces music along with other people. His music can be categorized under Christian, pop, rock, and country. With such passion for music, he is on his way to success.

The musician began to write songs during his younger years. He was inspired by his mother who encouraged him to pursue a career in music. After his mom's passing, he started making music when songs suddenly started coming to his head. He has a set a goal which is to be a good example to others especially the people who support his music.

With his perseverance in the industry, his music is starting to gain international attention. A number of radio stations have played his songs on air. He has been approached by people from music labels, artist management, and publishing companies. Several parties want to do some work with the singer songwriter. The musician is definitely on the road to a successful career.

This singer has performed on stage along with other musicians. Some of the artists he has performed with include Rascal Flatts, Tracy Lawrence, Clay Walker, Jo Dee Messina, Chely Wright, and Daryle Singletary. Moreover, he has worked with songwriters from Nashville as well. His page ranked number 33 on All Genres of music and number 1 on Reverb Nation charts.

Now that his career is picking up speed, his first album will be released soon. He is working on his debut album called The One to the delight of his loyal fans. This is definitely something that his followers should look out for. Any avid fan would love to get their hands on a favorite musician's album.

It is easy to see how much this musician is driven by his talent and passion for music. In the time that he has put his music out in the open, he has started to gain followers and fans. He has become an inspiration to people who have listened to his music. The musician has received positive feedback from many listeners of his genre of music.

Based on people's feedback on his music, some of them have already picked their favorite songs. Fans found his melodies and harmonies soothing. There are some who say his voice just simply fits any genre. A number of listeners have been attracted to the feel and steady grooves of his music. As a Christian musician, he has also gathered many Christian fans.

For those who want to know more about his music, it is easy to find Bobby McIntyre and his music in many websites. Modern technology has made things a lot easier for artists and musicians today. Fans can reach their favorite artists in numerous video sharing sites, social networking sites, and official websites. Anyone can easily get updates and other information.

Bobby McIntyre also extends his hands to other artists in the industry. He has stated that he is willing to help out fans and aspiring musicians who want to give song writing a try. He is actually encouraging people to get in contact with him and work with him on producing and making music. Now this is something to admire about a musician.

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