mardi 13 août 2013

Discover How Much Fun You Can Have With Wool Felt

By Essie Craft

Nowadays, people really lead very busy, hectic live. They are continuously on the move and doing numerous things throughout their week. Most of their time they work as most folk work from nine to five, then some of them end up making wool felt products for fun.

Working from nine to five, means that although they are doing mundane jobs, they still have time to pursue other interests like other interesting hobbies. These hobbies give them time to do something they are interested in and they often get a lot of satisfaction out of doing them. These hobbies can be done after work or over the weekends.

Either way, these folk enjoy their lives the way they, are and many of them do other things in order to keep themselves happy. For many individuals it is a great idea to do something else but work during the week. Many people therefore take up doing things like various hobbies or sports.

Many people looking for hobbies enjoy the idea of making clothes and therefore take up needlework. This is the perfect hobby as it is one way of enjoying something different as well as making clothes for the family and friends. Many folk do well at this and make some beautiful gifts when it comes to Christmas and birthdays.

When the winter is approaching, it is also very popular that people make special winter coats and jackets. For this you would need some stunning fabric as well as a soft woolen felt to make them especially warm as this is a great way to insulate the jackets. The material itself is not too thick and yet not too thin which prevents the cold from getting through the fabric.

Many seamstresses use wool felt for the insides of these jackets as it is easy to work with and very versatile. What is nice is that this felt is not too thick and thin enough for the jackets to be comfortable and flexible. The stunning fabrics make for great designs and each jacket that is handmade is of course unique and made to fit.

Wool felt is used for many things when it comes to arts and crafts as well as needlework. It is a very versatile material and is easy to use. This material is easy to cut and does not fray which means that it does not need to be over locked.

Wool felt is also used when you want to design other thing like soft toys for babies. Many folk use it to make soft mats which are comfortable to walk on and can easily be washed. What is nice about it, is that once you wash it, it goes bubbly, which many people like the look of but if you are not keen on the look you can simply stem iron it and it will go back to the smooth look.

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