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Which Provider Has Got The Very Best Satellite TV Deals

By Brian Stevens

The satellite deals from the two primary satellite service providers - Dish Network and DirecTV are pretty much identical. So the question is which satellite TV provider offers the best deal for you? Depending on which shows you want to watch, which provider gives you the most programming for the least amount of money?

Who Has The Best Program Package Deal?

DirecTV's lowest priced program package is $29.99 a month for 140 channels of satellite TV programming. Dish Network charges $24.99 for 190 channels, and they additionally give you a free DVR receiver (digital video recorder) in up to 3 rooms in your residence.

Both satellite TV companies offer you movie channels (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz), any local channels, pay-per-view movies, sports channels and events, weather channels, news channels, special-interest programs, and international channels.

The Most Satellite Television Channels?

DirecTV has more than 250 TV channels, 77 commercial-free music channels, and offers 60 pay-per-view movies per month.

With Dish Network you get 350 satellite television channels, 75 pay-per-view movies per month, plus 112 popular music channels, which includes Sirius satellite radio stations.

Which Provider Has The Most HD Channels?

DirecTV offers you 160 high-definition satellite TV channels, while Dish Network has 200 high-definition channels.

Which Company Offers the Best Equipment Deal?

With both Dish Network and DirecTV you're going to be given a free satellite television system which includes a dish, satellite receivers, and remotes.

DirecTV gives you a free basic receiver, however, if you'll need a DVR receiver to record your favorite television shows, or an HD receiver so you're able to see your shows in HD, you must get a costlier program bundle.

Whenever you sign on with them you will get their state of the art DVR/receiver - the Genie - absolutely free. The Genie will let you record up to 1,000 hours of your favorite shows, pause, rewind, as well as fast forward live programs, plus record up to 4 TV shows as you're watching another show.

Dish Network will also give you their state of the art DVR/receiver - the Hopper - free of charge. With their receiver you can record approximately 2,000 hours of your favorite programs, pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV shows, and record as many as 5 shows while you're watching a different live show.

Who Has Got The Most Affordable Installation?

Your satellite TV system will be set up for free in up to 4 rooms of your home with DirecTV. Your satellite TV system will be set up in as many as 6 rooms of your house with Dish Network. It takes from 1 to 5 business days after you actually purchase your service to have your satellite TV system set up.

The Best Picture

There is not any difference in picture quality between the two satellite TV providers, because the two providers transmit their programs in all digital and also HD formats.

Which Service provider Offers The Most Reliable Customer Support?

Both service providers provide you with 24/7 email and telephone assistance when you have an issue with your system or have questions regarding the functioning of your system.

The Highest Customer Approval

DirecTV currently is ranked number 2 when it comes to customer satisfaction among all the satellite and cable TV service providers, while Dish Network is ranked number 1.


If you're looking for the most TV channels, the most high definition channels, the most music stations, the most pay-per-view movies, as well as the most world-wide channels for the cheapest price, the top satellite TV offer is going to be Dish Network's.

Additionally, Dish Network provides you with a free digital video recorder allowing you to record as much as 200 hours of programming, an HD receiver so that you can watch your programs in high def, or a combination of the two.

Since they provide a free DVR and an HD receiver, and since they have the most HD programming, I think the Dish Network deal gives you the best deal.

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