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Famous Italian Singers People Love

By Gloria Mason

There are so many famous Italian singers to be found on this very large planet. People everywhere love to listen to the music that these artists will record for entertainment purposes. Everyone knows that Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Luciano Pavarotti, Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Vic Damone and Frankie Laine were all great in their time.

A man known as "Ol Blue Eyes" was very popular within the entertainment industry decades ago. His stage name was Frank Sinatra and he performed great jazz and soul music for people everywhere. Sinatra spent many hours of the day entertaining lovely women and he even married several of them. Sinatra's brides were all actresses and they enjoyed living the movie star life.

Dean Martin became famous for his singing and acting career while he was alive. People would line up by the dozens just to hear him belt out a great tune. He acted in many movies with Jerry Lewis and a variety of these terrific films made an excessive amount of money. This man had male ancestors from Italy who were all considered to be playboys in their time.

All Americans really idolize Tony Bennett and his very smooth music. Tony was born in Queens, New York and his actual name is Anthony Dominick Benedetto. This man shortened his original name for entertainment purposes and his agents were very happy that he did this particular deed. The 1950's and 1960's brought him great fame and fortune and he continues to do well with the younger generation even today.

During Christmas time all of the American television networks would have a special airing which would feature Perry Como. His parents named him Perino Ronald Como and they were very proud of their little boy while he was growing up. His television shows always brought in many viewers and individuals considered him to be very "grounded."

Jerry Vale came into this world as Gennaro Luigi Vitaliano to his very proud parents. They all lived in a part of New York known as the Bronx. He used to shine shoes for everyone taking the busy subways within this city and during this time he was discovered by his employer. He was so impressed with Jerry's voice that he sent him to music classes.

Vic Damone was once married to the very lovely Diahann Carroll and they enjoyed years of happiness together. These two would often perform duets together and everyone loved to come and view their shows which were performed in Las Vegas each year. Mr. Damone was born in Brooklyn, New York and his birth name was Vito Rocco Farinola.

The late great Luciano Pavarotti was considered to be one of the greatest famous Italian singers. All of his fans loved him dearly and he was born in Italy. His voice was very loud and commanding each and every time he performed live. The world truly lost a legend when he died five years ago.

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