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The Beauty Of Italian Luxury Fashion

By Helga Stokes

Italian luxury fashion dominated Europe and grew with the renaissance. The powerful cities started producing clothing products and luxury fashion products. Textiles, purses, jewelry, robes shoes, fabrics and dresses. It was made known for its extravagance, extremely expensive accessories such as jewels, ribbons and hats and the fact that the Medicis of Florence wore them. In the 17th century the French fashion gained popularity due to its luxury dresses designed for courtiers over taking Italy in European gala market. Italy's revival came about in 1950s initiated by businessman Giovanni Battista Giorgini which saw the rise of Gucci and Ferragamo to compete with Dior and Chanel.

Whenever Italy is mentioned the idea of models and flashy cars, beautiful scenery great wine, pizza, one of a kind gelato and it collection nothing short of perfect lines of clothe lines. Italy is regarded as a gala powerhouse topping the charts followed by France, Great Britain and Japan.since its rebirth Italy started concentrating or ready to wear clothes which have become widely popular and made Italian designers names common in normal households.

From the recent to the old gala houses of Italy, there is a striking presence of emphasis on quality and elegance. Gucci, ferragano, Fendi, Trussadi, Vercase, Valentine, Dolce and Gabbana, Emilio pucci and Prada are the few among the few popular fashion houses in Italy. This is considered a family business and gala shows are used to popularize their new trends.

Milan, Rome and Florence are the major cities of Italy. With Quadltilateraodella the fashion quadelateral is the high priced district of Milan and since it houses headquarters of Gucci, Emilio pucci gives best shopping opportunities in Europe. Rome being the headquarters for labels like valentine, Bulgaria and Fendi and Prada, Versace and channel having their boutiques along Via dei condotti. Florence is the home of Miu Miu and geox.

The semiannual Milan gala week is a high priced event aimed at promoting the new trends by the many designers. It is held after the pairs and London gala week and then followed by the New York gala week. It is attended by buyers and editors interested in this industry.

As economic recession hit Italy hard. The gala houses have risen to the occasion and given back to its country. Fendi has donated to, it is the restoration of the Trevi fountain and it foundation includes exhibition of rare images of the fountain as a way of paying tribute to Rome. Prada has started a multi-year restoration project to turn Venice waterfront palazzo and ornately ca' corner della regime into exhibition spaces. Trussardie has embarked on enliving Milan's public spaces by works of art all this to promote tourism and lend a helping hand to their government.

There is an undeniable sense of grace in wearing Italian designs ranging from the Bulgaria jewelry of exquisite design done in high craftsmanship that delicate yet distinct perfumed by Laura Biagotti, lovely shoes, amazing purses, hats or scarves. The perfect tailoring and high quality standards they are made in makes them divine.

Italians people take much pride in dressing and looking their best in looking stylish and having a neat pair of shoes ''la bella figura''. The top quality designs and uniqueness have encouraged wide acceptance of Italian luxury fashion. This is what encourages growth in this industry.

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