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What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Florida Bartender

By Tara Daniels

White collar jobs are not for everyone that is why there is an influx of people to blue collar jobs such as bar tending work. But a lot of people do not know how to start a career in bar tending field. Most of them are confused whether they will be required to attend a bar tending school or go for online classes. For this reason, this article seeks to set out the requirements for becoming a successful Florida bartender.

The first requirement in this field is age of a person. There is a minimum age set for anyone to practice in this field. Some states require that a person be 18 years in order to do this job while others have set the minimum age at 21. But in Florida, one ought to be 18 years and above in order to be considered for such a job.

Bar tending skills is the next requirement. One may ask where people acquire such skills. Individuals can attend bar tending schools or follow online manuals but this is not a necessity in this field. People need not to have certificates in order to do this job. What is required of a person is basic understanding of common drinks and their recipes and knowledge of terms and methods in this field. Other skills will be acquired as a person is doing the job.

Yet another requirement in this field is personality. Enthusiastic and entertaining professionals attract more people to the bar but dull professionals do not attract people. Therefore people who want a career in this field ought to have great social skills and interact with anyone well. This is because in a bar, pub or club, one will meet different kinds of people and he or she ought to be comfortable around all of them.

Persons must also be able to deliver great customer care. This means serving a client well and with respect all the time. There might be days that the individual might not be feeling well or he has personal issues. But the person should not let his situation interfere with the way he performs work during that day. Great customer care will mean that a bar gets more returns and even tips for the bartender for great services.

One also ought to be a trustworthy person to be able to work in a bar. In this field, the professional handles a lot of money and at the end of the day; the person will be required to account to the employer as to the transactions of the day. Before hiring a person, an employer checks if the individual has any criminal record. Other than this, the person should practice honesty at all times.

This job also requires persons who have high levels of personal hygiene. One should therefore stay clean and sharp at all times. Customers always enjoy being served with clean people and in a clean area. Cleanliness involves both at the working area and also personal including the clothes worn.

Having these requirements is the beginning of getting into a long career as a Florida bartender. The rest will depend upon the personal initiative of a person. The individual will have to write a cover letter describing his skills in bar tending and also the above requirements. After which the individual applies to places of interest. A person may also be recommended to a job by friends or family.

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