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Stamping Fun In 5 Easy Steps

By Heidi Arrowood

Stamping provides you with a good hobby thats cheap to enjoy. Since stamps are easy to find, and most being priced very cheaply, you can collect them easily. New Stamps are put out on the market on a definite pattern, allowing you to find new stamps on a regular basis. In this article i'll list 5 easy steps that makes collecting and using stamps fun.

1. Stamp Buying

Collecting stamps can be very cheap as you need only a few dollars every week to build up an impressive collection. Digital stamps are issued at any Post Shop or you may buy them over the last one year through mail order from Post Shop Centre or else online. Moreover, you can buy digital and older stamps from stamp dealers.

2. Joining a Club

You can learn a lot about collecting digital stamp by joining a stamp club. Stamp clubs are available in many big cities and towns. Normally, Stamp clubs have regular meeting whereby information regarding stamps is shared. Moreover, these clubs regularly issue newsletters and magazines that have great information about stamps. Furthermore, these clubs hold Stamp contests and Exhibitions whereby club members can display their stamp collections. You can therefore frequently discover new ideas to improve your own stamp collection through listening to judges' comments about the collections displayed at these competitions.

3. Choosing a Stamp type

There are 2 main types of stamps. The first type is one country collection, the second is thematic collection. With one country collection, you only collect stamps from one country most likely your own. With thematic collection, you collect all stamps with the same theme, like paintings, sports and so on. It's easier to start with just one type of stamp, either one country collection or thematic collection. The reason behind this is collecting all types of stamps can become difficult as each year around 5-8 thousand new stamps get printed.

4. Albums of Stamps

There are various stamp albums that you can use so as to carry out stamp collection as a professional. The best stamp album to use is the stock sheet albums that consist of loose leaf folders that have unique plastic pages in them as well as a number of strips running from corner to corner. These strips make several wide pockets whereby you can slip your stamps. The plastic pages are made up of a unique type of plastic that cannot discolor and shield your stamps.

5. Getting Your Stamps Prepared

You should always handle your stamps very carefully as they can be worth much cash. You should make sure not to cut the stamp when cutting parts off the envelop as cutting it can make it worthless. You should first soak gummed stamps before removing them from the envelope. After removing them, then dry them by placing them facing up on a dry and clean blotting paper. To remove self-adhesive stamps, soak them in heated water mixed with soft soap for about 4 minutes. Then, transfer the stamps in big basin of fresh water for about 10 minutes to remove the soap. You should avoid handling stamps with your hands as they can dirty due to the sweat and oil on your hands. Instead, use stamp tweezers to hold them. Use a good magnifying glass to study your stamp more carefully. Moreover, use a perforation gauge to measure the jagged edge of your stamp.

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