mardi 6 août 2013

Check Out Galaxy Multi Ride Haunted House Attractions This Year

By Kenneth Stevens

Even before the air turns crisp in the Fall, anyone interested in the business of Haunted House production is busy. There are actors to hire, and attractions to plan out meticulously. Consideration to safety is essential, as is giving visitors what they want in having a good scare. Most find that each new year, sees a little more challenge, and it gets harder and harder to uncover new ideas for Haunted Houses that keep guests coming in AND coming back. Maintaining a spooky atmosphere while including fun selling points is a deceitful part of this business. The combination of mechanical rides for Halloween Haunted Houses might seem an odd combination if you haven't seen the Spider, Pumpkin and Corn Maize rides.

Like the mechanical bull ride often used in bars and carnivals, the Arachnid Attack (a rodeo mechanical Spider ride ) is safe, easy to setup, and will keep crowds interested and engaged while waiting for their turn to be escorted to the main Haunted House attractions.

Fitted with Galaxy's Automatic Stop System, the Mechanical Spider stops right after the rider falls. Made from Sofolex material ensures that riders will not complain of impact injuries or discomfort from using the ride. From the guest's viewpoint, just as with mechanical bull, riders will want to try again soon, and crowds will want to watch. What more can you try to find in a haunted house attraction?

As a component of a Haunted House attraction this ride fits the theme, and as the Spider tries to throw the rider two LED digital time clocks give the operator and rider a running total of the time. Spinning, bucking action gives the rider an element of thrill that will keep the rider and those watching amused.

The Rodeo Pumpkin system works in the same way with a smug, leering jack o' lantern face keeping up the pace. As with the Spider the Pumpkin has a choice of landing inflatables for soft landings, and takes only about 20 minutes to set up. Similarly the mechanical corn maize ride will fit the theme of the other Haunted House attractions and have the action of mechanical rides for Halloween. The mechanical corn maize ride was developed for the very popular corn mazes that get more and more attention each year.

Thrills and frights are what crowds are coming for, and as these rides fit the theme of a Haunted House, they don't jar the guests out of their spooky mood. These rides keep the action going all the way into the main event of having the fright night they are wishing to find.

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