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Why Tyvek Suits Are Necessary In Many Industries

By Celina Heath

A lot of the processes and production facilities have things that are dangerous to the people working in the area. This could be because of chemicals or other compounds. It could also be that the dirt involved in that particular task is too much for normal clothing to handle. Tyvek suits are made for these situations. They will assist in protecting your workers or the environment from being contaminated.

This white fabric resembles paper. It is often used as a non tear able paper for some printed material because of its ability to be wiped clean if contaminated. These clothing items come in various pieces such as bodysuits, booties and arm protectors. There are also aprons made from this material and hoods for the head.

Some of the industries and types of work that these pieces are well suited for will include chemical handling jobs. Tyvek is a type of material that provides the relatively free flow of sweat and heat to leave the body, yet not allow elements to enter the fabric and contaminate the wearer. Not many people, working in this industry, will set foot on the processing floor without wearing one of these suits.

When food is being processed, especially in a commercial kitchen or large food plant, these suits will be instrumental in preventing the contamination that could otherwise be possible. The environmental compounds that are on most peoples clothing are dangerous to the ingredients in foods prepared for resale. They will help prevent the bacteria and germs that would make for a bad product.

Automotive assembly and repairs services will be using these items of protective clothing. Oil and grease should not be allowed to get onto the clothes of the employees. Some of this material will harm or cause other medical conditions to the workers and this is easily remedied by the use of these garments. They will not tear as easily as regular clothing and will resist the oil as well.

Tyvek is a very strong fabric. It can be reused, however, many do not and certainly not for the more dangerous elements they are worn to protect from. This can cause a contamination problem when using them a second time as the substances on the outside can be rubbed off onto the wearer. They can be cleaned to a certain degree but you do not want to take a chance about the cleanliness after using them for a dangerous chemical or contagious compound.

Major cleaning firms will use these garments for just about any type of cleaning. Crawling around in the sub floor under clean rooms will be one of the best uses. Pressure washing crews like the idea of these as they do not get as wet this way and, in this case, they are reusable to cut down on costs. Cleaning buildings, floors or stripping wax and muck off of floors can also be a good use for these items.

While Tyvek is a brand name, it does enjoy a wide popularity. It is the one against which all such suits are compared. People often use this name to refer to other materials from other manufacturers, so this says a lot about this type of material. Only the Tyvek suits name should be looked for when protection of your personnel is required.

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