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By Debra Cooley

Reading should be an art that everyone should embrace. People should not only focus on academic reading but also other less serious books. It can be very relaxing to just grab a book like The Forgotten Vampires. This book will not only take your breath away but also take you to a whole new world of imagination. It is a series that has really captured thousands of people's attention.

Dr. Carole Western is the woman behind this successful book. She is an outstanding professor in writing. This is the secret behind this great book that she has written yet again. She has earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prise just because of this book. Her creativity has portrayed itself through this book that is the latest that she has written.

This book is in the Karazan Vampires and it actually is the first book of he series. It can also be referred to as Fire Goddess. After she launched this first book, everyone wanted to get a glimpse at it and even more of it. It is even increasing the suspense and the urge to get the next book of the series is even increasing. Knowledge and creativity are the two main qualities that she has and makes it possible for her to succeed.

The book talks about some supernatural unique creatures of human nature. If thy are placed side to side with other vampire books, the vampires in this one are really irresistible. What makes people attracted to the book is this fact. It is thus supernatural powers that the they use to manipulate and kill others. It is almost similar to The Vampire Diaries and its readers could fall in love with it just the same way hey love Vampire Diaries.

The Karazan Vampire Brothers are the ones mainly featured by this book. They had been in existence so long ago. Carole used her creativity to use this piece of information to get her book a title. By the title of this book she means the long existent unique human creatures that are no more. Even before anyone had begun writing about vampires in general, they still existing. This just shows how long ago that was.

In a book with both romance and thriller, then no one could resist it. With this combination, the story line captivates all and sundry. These brothers calls everyone's attention in the way they feed and the way they relate with each other and others. When one starts reading it, even an emergency will not let them drop it. Romance is part of life anyway.

To really prove that the book is good, the United States wants to make a TV series for it. In this way, the people who are not reading fans will also get the information. There will even be a wider market for this book with a TV series in place. No one would like to miss any episode at all.

If you need one, why not get it as soon as possible! The books are available on best-seller libraries and also on-line. Technology has made it easier for anything too happen. There is also a version called The Kindle that usually gives the readers the first three chapters of The Forgotten Vampires for free. After reading these three chapters, one makes their choice either to read the whole book or not. Actually, no one can resist so buying it is what is there.

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