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For Jeff Andrews Bass Player Is A True Calling

By Essie Craft

One person's name is synonymous with being an expert guitarist and that would be Jeff Andrews bass player; this man has collaborated with numerous top bands. This phenomenal bass guitarist recorded with famous musicians that include, Jimi Tunnell and Mike Stern. This musical interest was sparked while growing up surrounded by a neighborhood full of bands and him recognizing that great guitarists were lacking.

This particular fact drove the talented musician to begin playing this particular guitar at the age of thirteen; and further studied music in Maryland. But mainly he gained experience by replicating music that he listened to and worked to perfect performing these songs. During these learning years, many opportunities arose where rock bands gave this young guitarist the opportunity to play in their bands.

From studying in Maryland, he went to Berkeley College to further his music studies. But not until this music legend moved on to New York did a professional music career start to develop; brought on by several professional musicians giving hands-on lessons. Any musician needs to practice daily in order to maintain their craft and also improve their skills. Although Jeff plays acoustic guitar and bass, his preferred instrument is without a doubt an electric bass.

Even though Jeff also has the ability to play acoustic guitars or acoustic bass, he much prefers to work his magic on an electric one. This true success of his career, came about when the need arose for someone to assist him while performing in village bars. In this search, Jeff met up with Mike Stern and the full genius of this talented man became evident during this partnership. The two musicians became bosom buddies that lasted years.

One will more often than not find this talented man spending hours on end recording new material. This is done in the comfort of a privately built state of the art recording studio inside his home. Tours of Austria and Germany were all highly successful and fans were delighted with the release of a solo album in collaboration with Art of Life Records.

This creative man additionally teaches music at an art school based in Manhattan. Through the work with these young students, it gave way to further inspirations which enhanced this ongoing music career. If one were to ask this guitarist for advice, it would be that listening to good music and working hard are the two factors that make a successful musician.

When not playing music; sailing and reading will be occupying this man's time. Learning to play bass is harder than one may think. The reason being that these guitars vary according to the music genre it is being used for.

If anyone asked how this man achieved notoriety, this very talented musician, would say it was only dedication and hard work. But in truth, Jeff Andrews bass player is a genius and has influenced today's music industry. Particularly when it comes to people who are interested in learning to become a bass guitarist.

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