dimanche 25 août 2013

Scorsese Unleashes The Wolf Of Wall Street

By Bob Conway

The legendary film director Martin Scorsese makes his jubilant return this November with his latest film 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. This strange, black comedy about the life of villainous conman Jordan Belfort Stars Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. If you've never heard of Jordan Belfort then you probably don't keep up to date with the New York Stock Exchange. Belfort who was born and raised in New York, was said to be worth Two hundred and fifty million dollars at the tender age of 25 and his strange company Stratton Oakmont was run like a boiler room. In fact, the amazing company was the inspiration for the flick 'Boiler Room' which starred Vin Diesel.

In the 90's, Belfort ran his business like a cult, hiring young brokers straight out of high school. His devoted employees would make cold calls from his Long Island office, following a script that Belfort himself hand wrote. His life seemed like a strange dream, he was the head of a company which raked in huge profits, he was married to a beautiful model and everything seemed to good to be true. That turned out to be the issue though, things were too good to be true. The fast lifestyle was accompanied by crazy partying and use of all the different drugs that would eventually catch up with the off beat crook but not before he amassed a tremendous fortune.

The mention of the brokerage Stratton Oakmont still drives chills down the spines of Wall Street investors. It was one of the most notorious pump and dump schemes of all time where incredible, young brokers high out of their minds, would convince investors to buy stocks that were certain to turn huge profits...for Stratton Oakmont that is. In essence, the brokers would drive up the stock's prices and then Belfort would pawn off the large majorities he and his partners controlled. This liquidation would of course cause the stock price to plunge and the investors would lose practically everything.

The movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is based on a book that Belfort wrote after he was released from jail. This story is so weird that it had to be true. For instance, Belfort's cell mate was Tommy Chong from the duo Cheech and Chong. But the strange tales don't stop there. Belfort admits to sinking a 167 foot yacht which once belonged to Coco Chanel. These are just a few of the strange stories from the book which the brilliant Scorsese is sure to incorporate into this black comedy about wealth, wrong doing and redemption.

The amazing book is already a certified New York Times best seller and the film is sure to garner similar success as Scorsese teams up with Leonardo DiCaprio who will play Belfort. This strange story proves that the truth really is stranger than fiction because no one in Hollywood could have written a script this off beat. The movie is scheduled to be released on November 15 of this year and the film is not yet rated. If you don't want to wait, you can see the trailer,

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