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Choosing An Expert Of Bear Taxidermy

By Essie Craft

If you are set on displaying a trophy, you will need the services of a bear taxidermy professional. A taxidermist will be able to set your animal on a mount and with the right preservation technique, ensure its longevity. Here are some of the things you should consider when looking for a good taxidermist.

You will be better off to asking people you know for recommendations rather than going through ads or directories. Do ask the person who made the recommendation what his experience was like. This will help you decide if you should consider his recommendation as a good candidate. Ask fellow hunters, shop owners, and other people who are involve din the sport.

To assess the skill of your candidate, ask to see some of his work. If you visit his office, you will probably see some of the mounted animals on display. Take your time in examining these mounts and assess if they look natural. You will also want to ask the candidate for more details about how he has preserved the animal.

It will help if you have photos of the real animal for comparison purposes. You are going to be looking for natural looking specimens and will have to take a closer look at various body parts. Check if the eyes look alive and if the ears have been set right. The nose is another area of concern. You should also check if the mouth and the area around it looks natural. Compare the work of several of your candidates.

These people do not get by on talent. They need training so that they could do the work well. Anatomical knowledge is necessary and so is familiarity with the techniques for preservation. Do check if he has obtained the needed training from reputable institutions.

Determine if your candidate continues to update himself on the latest of techniques. Ask if he is taking up new courses or attending seminars related to his profession. It is also a good sign if he is a member of professional organizations as this groups often have professional requirements for their members.

Discuss the ins and outs of your arrangements. For example, clarify if you will have to come by the shop to get the item or if they can ship it to you. You should also ask how long it will take for them to finish the project. Be flexible when it comes to time as good, quality work, will certainly need time.

Check how much everything will cost. Some of these requests can get pretty expensive so check first if it will fit in your budget. When you are looking at the rates to be applied, do consider the quality of the output. You will not want someone who cuts corners just to give their customers an attractively low rate.

Bear taxidermy is one way you can preserve your memories of the hunt and show off your trophy at the same time. When choosing a taxidermist, you will need to examine his previous work and consider what kind of training he has had. Discuss the ins and out of the offer and make sure that the rates are within your budget.

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