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Pointers For Making Running T Shirt Designs

By Cara Torres

A shirt will certainly be attractive if it has good running t shirt designs printed on it. If you have been tasked to come up with such an artwork, then be prepared to pay attention to the smallest detail. The road to coming up with a really good design is not easy but here are some pointers to help you get started.

Think of who you are making this item for. You need to get to know the likes and dislikes of your audience so you can come up with something that will appeal to them. If you are catering to a younger generation, then you will need something edgy. The older generation will have different preferences from them.

The colors are an important consideration. The artwork itself might use a number of colors so you will have to choose a combination that is easy on the eye. To ensure that it is visible, the background, or the shirt itself should have a contrasting color. Consider using the companys colors if you are planning something for a company event.

Plan every single detail. You want come up with a layout that effectively gets the message across. Decide where the graphics and the text will be placed. Assess how large of these elements should be. When you are working out these details, make sure that the important things are easily visible. Ideally, the whole thing should also draw the eye.

Coming up with the graphics can be difficult. Try out different things so you can find inspiration. You could try spending some time with an individual who is one of your audience. You could view various images that have been a hit in the design world. Checking out the different graphics can help you come up with a fresh idea.

The text is another element that can be used. Tag phrases can be a pretty effective way of branding but you do need to come up with something catchy. When it comes to making the right impression, consider simplicity. Humor is also another thing you might want to use to catch the attention of your audience.

Drawing your ideas on paper can help with the brainstorming. This helps you get a clearer picture of the final product. Draw the artwork as accurately you can render, without making changes to its actual size. This will help you see what areas have to be improved. Do take advantage of the computer as tools for drawing and designing are available.

When coming up with a design, you have to consider the limitations of the printing method you have chosen. It will be so much easier for example if you do limit the number of colors to a few. You might also want to stick to simple designs if you do not want increased costs or a longer production time. Understand how the printing will limit you.

Running t shirt designs generally do not have to be complicated. You do not need complex graphics or text just to be able to get a message across. You do need to come up with an original idea, one that your audience can relate to.

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