jeudi 1 août 2013

Quality Reproduction And Amplification By Schertler

By Cathy Mercer

Each individual attaches personal value to a musical instrument. There is a desire to hear a certain sound in the most authentic form. Schertler seeks to meet this need by ensuring that electronic reproduction or amplification does not take away the authenticity of the imitated sound. This ensures that the expectations of individuals during purchase are met. The person after whom the project is named is a double bass guitarist intending to offer the best alternative.

The range of accessories, instruments and equipment produced under this brand seeks to overturn the trend in piezoelectric technology where the sounds produced are not authentic. This brand seeks to harness acoustic vibrations in order to maintain the real taste of sounds after reproduction or amplification. This thinking has led to the production of a range of products with these features.

STAT electronic bridge is one of the pickup technologies produced as a result of these experiments and research. It has worked perfectly on a range of bowed instruments. Another successful project is the development of air chamber technology. This technology has been integrated in the Lydia guitar sensors. The project seeks to achieve a higher level of fidelity during reproduction and amplification.

Amplification systems are the other range of accessories that the project focuses. They come in different series, all of which are high quality and compact. They are flexible and can adapt to a number of music genres and instruments. Incorporated features during design and production ensure that exacting requirements for a live performance are met and the sound quality maintained.

Flexibility with different music genres and instruments is one of the strengths achieved by this project. Addition of wireless systems and high quality pre-amplifiers has made live performances electrifying. There is a DIs series of accessories that has achieved a remarkable level of sound and amplification authenticity.

The project has teamed up with other players in the industry including Claudio Pagelli. This collaboration has given birth to a range of performance guitars that are smaller and perfectly fit stage performance. They are electro-acoustic with an enhanced quality pickup system. This has raised the profile of this product line among band performers around the world.

There are incredible equipment and accessories for production studios under this production line. They are preferred because of their fidelity during production and authenticity in sound. These are the qualities that endear them to life performers making their sounds heartwarming. They have thus infiltrated the industry and are the instruments of choice for ensembles and solo artists. Broadcast and recording studios have also adapted these instruments.

The accessories come in different series including Basik, Lydia, Magnetico, Dyn and Stat pickups. The series for DIs and pre-amplifiers are A Pre, Yellow Blender, Yellow Single, Active DI and Stat Pre. Amplifiers come in such series as Classic, Jam and Deluxe. The line has Tuners, Bugs and Various among its accessory line.

Distribution of Schertler is spread all over the world, from Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America as well. The products are available online with incredible deals on shipment. There are different specifications depending on the needs of each environment and client. They offer great value for money and the rewards of an authentic quality sound.

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