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Knowing All About One Of A Kind Items

By Essie Craft

There are so many one of a kind items that a person can find if they look long and hard enough. These are the types of things that were made once and after a few years they were discontinued due to a variety of reasons. There were many toy companies in the past which produced such merchandise and they are no longer in business due to bankruptcy problems.

Everyone who loves pets will more than likely enjoy the mechanical parrot that one company produced. Her name is "Polly" and she is a spectacular bird to watch during all hours of the day. Children and adults who live in the United States will not be surprised when this bird leaves all of the shelves at the local toy stores since she is more of a once in a lifetime product.

Any young boy in America remembers the great superhero action figures made by Mego. This was one toy company who knew how to get everyone's attention with their fully bendable dolls that were made for boys. They took the time to produce almost all of the DC and Marvel characters who appeared in the comics. Mego made this line into a hit and they could have become more famous if they had not passed on the Star Wars toys.

Batman, Superman, Robin, Tarzan and Aquaman were some of the first DC action figures produced by Mego. After sales were so high Mego decided to make even more of these figures that were based upon other characters in these books. In a short while people could purchase Penguin, Isis, Joker, Catwoman, Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman.

After the fans had realized how great these dolls were they demanded Mego to produce even more figures which represented the Marvel comics company. Mego decided to produce Captain America, Thor, Conan, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Thing and Spiderman in order to satisfy their customers.

Other toy companies have tried to copy these dolls but they failed badly. Their copies were always weak in comparison to the original Megos. This is why each and every Mego figure is priced very high on certain websites. Marvel made sure that the Invisible Girl would become a hot collectible years later.

Mego decided to make her face more realistic than the dolls that were made from the DC line. Batgirl, Isis, Catwoman and Supergirl all have the same baby face and they look nothing like the characters within the comic book. Susan Storm from "The Fantastic Four" is the only figure that actually looks like a mature female.

Reverend Ike knew all about one of a kind items since he tried his best to sell them on his television show. His good luck charms and rings were supposed to help individuals become successful. They were one hit wonders with his followers and average people in America. It is hard trying to find any of these jewelry pieces since the products have stopped being produced.

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