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The Indian Turban Hats Is A Beautiful Head Garment

By Kate McMahon

A turban is a kind of headgear worn mainly by men of the specific community for mainly religious purposes. Among the various communities that wear these garments are the Indians. The Sikhs is one of the most common turban hats wearing Indian faith religion. They call the garment a Dastar. They are not the only faith religion that wears the headgear in India however as the Muslim also does that as a religious observance. The Indian turban is a common but often misunderstood headwear.

In India the biggest faith religion that wears the garment is known as the Sikhs. They wear the article each and every day as was recommended by their guru. Apart from the Sikhs, many Indians preserve the article for use in occasions and significant ceremonies. They call the garment dastar and the wearers the Khalsa which means the baptized. Although some women don the garment, it is generally identified by the men.

In the Indian culture, the origin of this garment has not yet been established. In Sikhism it started when a Guru Sikh, Guru Angad Dev honored the new Guru, Guru Amar Das, by giving him the article after being chosen as the new Guru. The last human Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh also wrote in the scriptures that every Sikh man was required to comb their hair and wrap their turban a new on a daily basis.

The garment signifies many things in both Sikhism and the Indian culture. The first and most common representation is spirituality and holiness. Honor and self respect is the other significant representation of the article. If you were give the article it meant you had done something very selfless in helping the community prosper. It was also used to represent responsibility in ceremonies such as the Rasam Pargi. During this ceremony the son wore the garment before everybody to show taking over responsibility from the fathers passing.

Piety and moral values are also signified by the head clothing. In times of war the Sikh warriors could hide in any house, even that of the womenfolk, from the womenfolk. They were trusted because they were expected to be nothing short of pure minds and piety. It is also a symbol of courage as it was mainly wore by warriors in times of war. It is also used to signify friendship. During pag vatauni, a custom, one exchanges their Turban with that of a close friend. This is usually a pledge to sharing the joy and sorrow of the other under any circumstances.

The style of wrapping also stood for something in the community. The Chand Tora Dhalama for instance was a style that was used by warriors in the battle field. It is mainly worn by the Nihang Sikh men.

After the infamous September 11 attacks people started discriminating every wearer of the garment including the Indians. This was based on ignorance considering the suspects of the attack were not even Indians. However during time this is generally reducing and although it has not gotten to where it was before, there has been a notable improvement in the treatment American Indians get.

This is a cultural and historical garment that needs to be more appreciated than it is at the moment. The discrimination should also be stopped as the wearers of the garment are also human. Let us appreciate the Indian turban hats for what they are.

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